Advocating and providing supportive services and programs to older adults, to allow them to live with independence, in their own homes, for as long as possible.

Care Management

Care Management is a state-certified program that helps seniors find in-home services and care providers to allow them to live independently for as long as possible, preventing premature nursing home placement. Our Care Managers are professionals in the human services field, including R.N.’s and Certified Social Workers. We offer:

  1. An assessment to review areas where help is desired, what assistance is already being provided (to avoid duplication), and to determine what programs the person may be eligible for.
  2. The client makes all decisions in regard to what will be done. The Care Manager provides information on what is available and will assist in setting up chosen services if the client prefers, including locating caregivers and payment sources.
  3. The Care Manager will continue to visit or call the client to check for satisfaction with services, assist with problemsolving, advocate for the client when needed, and continue to provide client and family with the information they need.
  4. The client may discontinue services at any time.

Although most of our clients receive these services at no cost, there may be a sliding fee scale for those with higher incomes. Donations are welcomed.

Senior Care Options

SCO will evaluate the longterm care needs of persons over the age of 65 who are seeking Medicaid coverage for nursing facility care, to determine if such care is needed, or if other options are viable.

SCO counselors evaluate individuals to determine if they qualify for nursing home care. In determining eligibility the SCO counselor consults with you and your family, hospital and nursing home staffs; physicians; and other service providers, to determine:

  1. How much assistance is needed in performing activities of daily living.
  2. Whether there are concerns about your safety, behavior, or memory.
  3. If your health condition requires professional nursing services. Even if an individual does qualify for nursing home care, you still may be able to stay in your own home and receive services. SCO counselors help determine the specific types of assistance you need to remain as independent as possible. Assistance might include: housekeeping, home-delivered meals, personal care, respite, or adult day health care.

Medicaid Waiver

Home and Community Based Services through Medicaid for Aged Persons (Medicaid Waiver) provides service coordination options for persons age 65 or older who have care needs. A thorough assessment is completed on eligible individuals and they are given the choice of receiving services in their homes, assisted living facility (if the facility is an approved provider) or entering a nursing home. Persons age 65 or older are eligible if:

  1. They are eligible for Medicaid (including clients who pay a portion of their medical expenses on a “spend down”).
  2. Agree to participate in an assessment to identify needs and choose to accept support services.
  3. Have needs which would otherwise require them to live in a nursing home.
  4. Can be safely served at home at a cost not more than Medicaid would pay for nursing home care.

Choosing to use the Medicaid Waiver means that the individual will receive services in his/her own home or assisted living facility. The services must not be considered “medical”, and can include some of the following: housekeeping, meal preparation, adult day care, respite care, assisted living, transportation, home delivered meals, and Lifeline. Contact the Agency to obtain a complete listing of services, request further information, or make application for the program.