Legal Services

Legal Services are available to persons age 60 and over and their spouses. There are no fees for the service; however, contributions are accepted and are tax deductible. Services are not based on income, but preference is given to low-income and frail seniors.

The program specializes in the area of Elderlaw. Emphasis is placed on areas of law directly related to persons over age 60. The program can help individuals with wills, powers of attorney, advance directives (living wills and powers of attorney for health care), Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, consumer issues, and other issues.

When you contact the Agency with a legally related problem, you will work with a Paralegal (A person who has training in law, but is not an attorney and works under the direct supervision of an attorney. Much like a physician’s assistant is to a doctor). The Paralegal reports to the Agency’s Supervising Attorney, and from that point you, the Attorney, and Paralegal will work together on the case.

The program is unable to provide assistance if the matter must go to court. Although, the program will provide appropriate referral assistance in an effort to find an attorney to represent you. Additionally, there may be other situations where the Legal Services program is unable to assist. In these types of situations, the Agency works with many other agencies and organizations and the Agency will make every effort to utilize their services to help the client.

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